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June 18, 2004
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The Naxia System by Mr-Frenzy The Naxia System by Mr-Frenzy
Here's something i've been working with for the last three days. The foreground pic is actually taken by me as well, lol, so no its not a stock This picture is yet another relaxing spacescape with the more quiet starsky. I really enjoyed making this one, taking good time finishing it up. The nice thing about it is that this piece is 100 % mine, feels good.

I hope you like it my friends

Created with photoshop cs
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john0452 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2005
This is great art. :D
caja-de-pandora Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2005
I wish I could find some planets stocks...if you know...;) let me know plz.

I see that one of the planets is wrong ubicated (the little one in the top right)...the refleflection goes to the right & its reflection is to the left....I hope you understand what I am trying to english is confusing :crazy:
I don't know how many stars like the sun are in a galaxy but only stars like the sun can illuminate the planets like this...I suppose that those planets are iluminated by one star because if is otherwise then you should put more of them iluminated to the left if two stars are in both sides.
I really like this piece is enchanting...I like it. :)
SpottedJaguar Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2004
You're a god! You have to be! No human can make pictures that well! So many awesome pictures...
AND I SWEAR..I've seen that scene in my dreams. O.O;; G'job. ^^
absolutehalo Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2004
Hmm... there is a dynamic here that is quiet workable.

I do notice three technical flaws.

The upper right planet has a lighting vantage that is not consistant with the work as a whole. In regards to this the lighting structure of the photograph has the light coming from behind the left shoulder... a simple rotation of the planets would create a better image because the lighting cohesion would regain compositional soundness.

I also notice that the shadow layers on the planets are very riged and crisp along the edges. A remedy to this is to gaussian blur just a touch... the atmosphere of a planet would not allow for such a rigid planet edge. My last pondering thought is to the horizon of the picture... The transition needs more of the sky from the photo. perhaps selecting a close color and creating a gradient... then it would be easily diluted by using a 300 pixel soft round eraser with the opacity set between 20 -30.

I do see a starfield that needs some variance. It is very soft and there is a luminescent quality worth exploiting. Utilizing more erasure and cloning to build "cluster-like" groups with a heavy bit of variance would definately help the compositional side.

There is such an awesome potential. I truly like the overall feel. Thank you for sharing with us. ;)

-absolute halo-
DigitalPlazma Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2004
To be honest, there's nothing here to make this a masterpiece. 90% of the canvas is just a starfield, one which truly has little variation in star size at all. There's some tiny little planets you could have easily made in a couple of minutes each, and then a pretty small focal planet. If the bottom is a photograph you took a while ago, never intending it to be part of this, then I must point out that this is a mostly empty piece with an ugly photograph fused onto the bottom.

There's just nothing going on here, at all. :(
s15jesusfreak Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
I think your expectations are too high. :|
DigitalPlazma Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2004
That's a terrible attitude. Finding flaws in yours or someone else's work isn't setting standards too high, it's being smart. If you're going to refuse to set your standards above your current skills, they're not going anywhere, and you're forever doomed to mediocrity.
s15jesusfreak Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
Art is more than just something pleasing to the eye. If it makes the artist happy, then so be it. It does no good to tell the artist what's wrong without trying to help them fix it. Someone did that to me once and it didn't help me at all. Artists shouldn't have to cater to their viewer's ideas of what their art should be. Whatever happened to it being enough to just do your best no matter what anyone else thinks? Telling someone that their art sucks is not going to make them better any faster.
Mr-Frenzy Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
lol. Poor man.
s15jesusfreak Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
I think your expectations are too high. :|
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